Defensive Player of the Year: Tropics’ MYRON DAVIDSON

The Defensive Player of the Year is the player that was the defensive anchor for his team while showing the greatest ability to shutdown the opposition throughout the course of the season.

The Tropics high speed offense and frantic defensive scheme was stabilized (somewhat) by their quick and lengthy man in the middle, Myron Davidson.  Davidson was the league leader in blocked shots (2.6 bpg) and he may have been the most important player on his team of speedy guards.  He would erase any mistakes his teammates would make on defense by altering or blocking the shots of would-be drivers to the lane.  Davidson’s quick hands earned him 1.6 spg and he was one of the best at cleaning the boards, eliminating second chance opportunities and igniting the break by putting the ball on the court or sending an effective outlet pass– he averaged 12.2 rpg (2nd in league).  It would be hard to imagine the Tropics being as successful as they were this season without their dynamic center protecting the goal.


5 pts, 12 rebs, 5 blks, 4 stls (W vs Raptors)

12 pts, 12 rebs, 5 blks (L vs Dynasty)

20 pts, 17 rebs, 4 stls (L vs Rockets)


Mel Right, Raptors:  AABL perennial MVP candidate had his best defensive season ever; 2nd in the league in blocked shots, 9th in steals, strong rebounder

Hershcel Mack, Rebels:  Warrior in the paint that neutralized the opposing big man effectively; tough shotblocker, rebounder and not afraid to bang

Maurice Ford, Wildcats:  Athletic and aggressive center who was a strong help-side defender and could keep up with any big man in the league

Jon Allmond, Raptors:  Defensive anchor in the paint also an outstanding man-up defender; played tremendously physical on defense as an undersized center, using speed and athleticism

Eliot Reliford, Dynasty:  Lightning quick guard; harassing on-the-ball defender applied constant pressure to opposing ballhandlers causing turnovers and steals

Ron Holloway, Soldiers:  Solid defender who used either quickness or strength against the opponent depending on the situatition; led the league in steals