We interrupt the 2009-10 AABL Season Superlatives with some exciting news for AABL ballers and fans…

With huge support from the Virginia-based clothing company, AIREAL APPAREL, the AABL is proud to bring to you the CLASH of the TITANS INVITATIONAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT! This weekend tourney will surely fit the bill because not only will the top AABL teams be invited to battle it out in this two-day tourney, but some of the best teams from across the NATION have either expressed interest or already confirmed their participation!  Teams from New York, Florida, Washington DC, California and Richmond have shown willingness to participate.  A traveling squad from Colorado Springs has confirmed their participation.  This will be an exciting and unique event not only because the AABL will host teams from across the country, but also because they will be playing using the AABL FORMAT of rules, meaning all players must be of Asian descent with the allowance of TWO NON-ASIAN players per team.  Here is more quick info about the TITANS TOURNEY:

What: AiReal Apparel Presents The AABL Clash of the Titans Invitational Basketball Tournament

When: Saturday, July 24th & Sunday, July 25th

Where: Star of the Sea Catholic School at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front, 1404 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

The TITANS TOURNEY will play host to 10 teams.  Each participating team is guaranteed 3 games, which includes 2 games on Day 1 which will seed the teams for single elimination tournament play on Day 2.  All teams qualify for tournament play on Day 2.  The Titans Tourney Champions will receive a Championship Trophy and T-Shirts, Cash Prize and a Sponsor’s Prize Package.

All Tournament games will be played on ONE COURT to allow for the best basketball experience for the players and fans.  Multiple court tournaments tend to be distracting and take away from the total competitive basketball experience.  Also, the AABL does an excellent job of tracking pertinent INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM STATS to enhance the basketball knowledge and entertainment for each player and team.

If you are not an AABL Team from the Norfolk region and you are interested in traveling to participate in the TITANS TOURNEY, please contact us to REQUEST AN INVITE– out of town teams will have precedence to play in this tournament. Although there are a few AABL teams we intend to invite, if you are an AABL and would like to REQUEST AN INVITE or would like to be placed on the STAND-BY LIST please contact us to express your interest.  Teams commit to events and then eventually cancel all the time, so chances of participating in the tourney may be likely if you let us know early.

The TITANS TOURNEY also hopes to be a venue at which local talent of all types can come out and show off their skills to the community.  If you or your group would like to perform at this one-of-a-kind event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  The AABL has always been one of the most diverse organizations in the area, so we would be happy to host most types of entertainers!

Also, the AABL is always looking for support from businesses to help make this and other events even more ENTERTAINING and EXCITING for the PLAYERS and FANS!  To find out how your business or organization can receive excellent exposure while supporting a worthwhile community event, please contact us!

This event is sure to be a fun-filled weekend of performances, games and camraderie to go along with exciting games of basketball at a beautiful venue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, so please plan on attending!

More information on the CLASH of the TITANS Tournament coming soon!