For the past several years, many players and fans have always requested to see the best talent the AABL has to offer playing on the same court, going head-to-head.  In this 2010-11 AABL Season we have finally granted the request!  If the AABL FINAL FOUR and CHAMPIONSHIP GAME weren’t enough action for you, the AABL is bringing even MORE EXCITEMENT to punctuate another emphatic AABL SEASON!

The First Ever AABL ALL-STAR GAME will consist of at least TWO representatives from EACH of the 12 AABL TEAMS from the RED DIVISION and the BLUE DIVISION.  No more than ONE Non-Asian Player per team was selected. The ALL STAR TEAMS were selected by a committee of dedicated, observing and unbiased staff members and fans of the game and the AABL.

The All Star Game will follow the Championship Game.  Come see the best talent the AABL has to offer!

Melvin Floyd, Dream TeamCalvin Johnson, Hurricanes
Michael Macaraeg, Dream TeamAndy Sanderson, Hurricanes
Harold San Antonio, Dream TeamAlex Webb, Hurricanes
Steve Bollman, Quiet StormTony Leary, Rebels
Jimmy Harrison, Quiet StormJoe Marlowe, Rebels
Marc Gajeton, HoyasBJ Bledsoe, Starters
Lee Harrelson, HoyasJon Reyes, Starters
Uly Evangelista, RoninsRamon Francisco, Raptors
Patrik Mejia, RoninsLevar Mel Wright, Raptors
Jonathan Collier, Hold 'EmTyrone Bryant, Airmen
Travis Stevens, Hold 'EmJordan Parker, Airmen
Kevin Alig, Monlu ForwardersJoe Burgess, Norfolk
Ron Gozum, Monlu ForwardersDaniel Ramirez, Norfolk