The 2010-11 Season will be the Inaugural Season of the AABL CUP.  The CUP, donated by League Sponsor MOMENTUM ATHLETIC APPAREL, will not only CROWN the CHAMPION of this Season, but it is also the start of an AABL TRADITION!  Every AABL CHAMPION from this season forth will be immortalized in the league by adding their TEAM NAME to the CUP, which currently has the team names of the past 8 NAABL/AABL CHAMPIONS.

The CUP will be held in the possession of the AABL Admins until we eventually can find a permanent home for the trophy.  Until then, AABL Champs will be memorialized this year and in the future on the same AABL CUP!  As a take home memento, MOMENTUM APPAREL has also provided INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIES as well as CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRTS for each PLAYER on the Championship side.

GOOD LUCK to all the FINAL FOUR TEAMS tomorrow!  This Season has been tremendous in all aspects.  FINAL FOUR ACTION tomorrow is expected to put a dramatic and exciting END to the SEASON!  See you at the gym! FD