Player of the Week (5): Kaleo Kina, Monlu Forwarders

The Monlu Forwarders have been one of the teams that have been apart of the AABL for many years.  Although they have had a mixed bag of success throughout the years which included a trip to the Finals, the Forwarders may suffer from a lack of chemistry and line up continuity– with new players entering the roster each year and vacating the next.  So the trend always seems to be that the Forwarders pick up steam near the end of the season as the players gel and learn to play with each other.  There is definitely no better time than right now for the Forwarders to come together and go on a second half season run.  Forwarders new recruit Kaleo Kina will most definitely be a key in any Forwarders championship run as the experienced and seasoned baller brings court leadership a powerful all around game to the line up.  In a Week 5 victory against Norfolk, Kina put up some MVP caliber numbers with 29 pts (7 threes, 4/5 FTs) with 8 rebs, 6 stls, 3 asts while setting the tempo and getting the offense moving.

With a strong nucleus of veteran players including Kevin Alig and Ryan Pauling on the roster and the addition of Kina and some top-notch role players to the squad this year, expect the Monlu Forwarders to make a big splash as the Playoffs approach.  FD