The 2013-14 AABL Season got off to another blazing start as all teams looked eager to get on the court and also check out what the other teams were bringing to the table.  Although teams looked rusty and usually solid players were off on the offensive end, the defensive intensity for all the teams showed that easy buckets will be hard to come by this season.  This would be a sharp contrast to the offensive explosion that the AABL witnessed the last few years.

The league will be tougher than ever this season with each team having all the tools it needs to get the win on any given Sunday.  With the addition of 2 new squads that put in surprising performances for their rookie debuts, this season has no ‘soft spots’ in the schedule and no team should be underestimated.  This is ideal for the fans that should be treated to some great games.  However, the players and teams could have a stressed-filled regular season:  the 2013-14 AABL Playoffs will only play host to 8 of the 10 teams, which means 2 talented squads could be going fishing early.  In previous seasons, all teams made the postseason.

For now, please give us the opportunity to do our job on this side of the ball.  Below are the recaps of Week 1 play brought to you courtesy of AABL Staff chief writer and head statistician, Justin Velasquez.  Also, stay tuned for the Individual and Team Statistics for Week 1 and the first Player of the Week (POTW) Award will be given.

Please be on the lookout for more fan and family oriented events like the NAABL/AABL used to do back in the day as we strive to be an entertainment venue for everyone in the community.

Also, please remember that there are NO GAMES on November 10th (BYE Week).  We will continue play on Sunday, November 17th. 


Thanks to all the players and fans for making it another awesome start to another sure to be memorable AABL SEASON!  As always, BIG PROPS to the AABL STAFF!  Without this team of dedicated friends and family, the AABL WOULD BE NOTHING! 

Stay tuned as we update the site!

Ferd Dimaiwat

AABL Commissioner

Game 1
TBA 63 (1-0) W1
Monlu Forwarders 55 (0-1) L1
TBA capitalized on a strong first half, then held their opponents scoreless in overtime as the newcomers won an AABL game in their first try. They outpaced a veteran Forwarders squad who may have not known what to expect from TBA. AABL rookie Davon Henry led all scorers with 28 pts, 14 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, while seasoned vet Mike Marisigan drowned 4 threes en route to 12 pts, 4 ast. Kevin Alig made his AABL return a memorable one with 17 pts (3 threes), 9 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl, and Eric Smith chipped in 16 pts (3 threes) and 7 reb.  JV

Game 2
Soldiers 64 (1-0) W1
Wildcats 42 (0-1) L1
Soldiers looked confident and played as such as they beat the Wildcats going away. Soldiers held their opponents to just 18 first half points and finished strong in the game’s final ten minutes to put the game away. Lotto Hernandez led all scorers with 22 pts (2 threes), 2 reb, 5 stl and James Frazier nearly had a triple-double (15 pts, 10 reb, 7 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk). Wildcats boasted just one double-digit scorer – former Raptor Ramon Francisco had 16 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 2 blk.  JV

Game 3
Pinoy Thunder 37 (0-1) L1
Spartans 42 (1-0) W1
In what turned out to be Week 1′s closest contest, Spartans went 7/10 from the charity stripe in the final ten minutes en route to their first win of the season. They downed a scrappy Thunder squad who looked to push tempo and wear out Spartans. Spartans saw balanced production, finishing with one double-digit scorer in Jason Clark (game-high 19 pts, 20 reb, 1 ast, 5 blk). Chris Northfleet led Pinoy Thunder with a team-high 14 pts, 10 reb, 1 ast, 9 blk.  JV

Game 4
Hoop Dreams 62 (0-1) L1
Quiet Storm 71 (1-0) W1
Defending champion Quiet Storm and their opponent, Hoop Dreams, battled tightly for most of the contest before a 23-14 run in the final ten minutes made the difference. Quiet again used balance to down Dreams as Steve Bollman (17 pts, 12 reb), JP Alarcon (team-high 18 pts) and Mikey Sinchongco (16 pts, 4 threes) caused the most damage. Patrik Mejia was hot early for Hoop Dreams, but cooled a bit in the second half, finishing with 24 pts (6 threes), 2 reb, 2 ast, 3 stl. Brandon Snodgrass returned to the AABL and chipped in 14 pts for Dreams.  JV

Game 5
Rebels 52 (0-1) L1
Havoc 86 (1-0) W1
Havoc used talent, teamwork and a deep bench to jump all over former champion Rebels, winning by a hefty 34-point margin. A 24-11 run to start the game was all Havoc needed to take control. Brent Woodhouse led Havoc with a double-double (19 pts, 10 reb, 2 ast, 3 stl) and Jorge Inductivo lent support with 13 pts, 1 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl. For the Rebels, Tonee Leary led the way with a game-high 23 pts, 9 reb, 1 ast, 2 blk, while Earle Smaltz added 19 pts, 12 reb, 2 ast, 3 stl.  JV