After a quick bye week after the season opener (due to the gym not opening on Holiday Weekends), the teams regrouped their troops and returned for Week 2 action of the 2013-14 AABL Season.  Quiet Storm shook off a Week 1 rusty start with their usual uptempo style of play and great ball movement to perplex the TBA defense.  Another fast-paced squad, Havoc, earned their second consecutive win against the rookie Pinoy Thunder squad.  Wildcats battled back from an early deficit to deny Hoop Dreams their first W of the season.  Two classic AABL franchises duked it out in a close matchup with Forwarders getting the victory over Rebels.  The 2011-12 Champs, Spartans, held off a persistent Soldiers squad that looks intent on making some noise in the league this year.

Count on team scoring to go down this year as every team in the league seems intent on making sure their opponent doesn’t get easy looks at the basket.  Not only has the overall athleticism and skill level increased this year (as always) but a TEAM approach to defense seems to be what will separate the serious contenders from the rest.  The days of one or two star players carrying a team in the AABL may be long gone.

NOTE TO TEAMS:  The AABL makes its best effort to ensure that games start on time and that the players that come to the gym actually have an opponent to play.  The is in consideration of the teams that show up at Game Time and are ready to start.  Also, many players attend various events on Sunday and a late starting game could make them late for their event.  AABL pays a per hour charge for usage of the gym at Blair Middle School so it is also in our best interest to keep with scheduled game times.

In the future, please note that the official scheduled game time will be the start of the game.  If teams do not have 5 players to start the game at Game Time, the Scoretable Supervisor has the authority to START THE CLOCK with neither team stepping on the court and the team with enough players to start the game will be awarded 2 POINTS for every minute that elapses.  If the team doesn’t have 5 players after 10 MINUTES elapses, the game is then deemed a FORFEIT.  Running the Clock and giving points enables us to “start the game” so the next game isn’t late, penalizes the team for being late, but also gives them some more time for their players to arrive.

Back in the day, late teams were auto forfeited.  But this was a disappointment to the teams that showed up ready to ball and for the fans ready to watch a good game.  So running the clock with points was the best solution to give a fair chance to the late-arriving team while keeping the games on a routine schedule.

Some games may have went into Double Overtime or there may have been a stoppage in play due to injury.  In instances such as these, game times may be pushed up.  The next game will start as soon as the previous game is completed BUT at least 5 minutes MUST be allowed for teams that were waiting and ready to play.

Thanks for your consideration regarding this rule.  In the future, it may be in each team’s best interest to show up at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tip-off in order to avoid this rule violation in the future.

If anyone, anywhere has any questions, comments or concerns regarding anything AABL, please feel free to email us at  Also, be sure to hit up our Facebook page for more info, pictures and video of the Asian American Basketball League, Inc.

Please stay tuned as we update the Statistics and all other stuff from Week 2!  Scroll down for Photos and Game Recaps from the gym!

Ferd Dimaiwat



Game 1
TBA 56 (1-1) L1
Quiet Storm 85 (2-0) W2

Quiet Storm continues to coast and have now won 11 straight regular season games by dispatching of TBA quickly and efficiently. Quiet outpaced TBA 32-16 in the first half as they coasted nearly the entire game. The defending AABL champs boasted 4 double-digit scorers, led by Steve Bollman (team-high 20 pts, 4 reb, 3 stl), Mikey Sinchongco (14 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast, 4 stl) and Marvin Todd (15 pts, 3 threes). TBA’s Tyrone Tucker led all scorers with 25 pts, 11 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl. JV

Game 2
Pinoy Thunder 39 (0-2) L2
Havoc 52 (2-0) W2

Due to a tardy Pinoy Thunder squad, Havoc were spotted a valuable 10 points and used it to gain their second straight win. Havoc also used some strong defense, holding their opponent to just 7 first half points. That was more than enough to hand Thunder their second consecutive loss. Havoc used balanced scoring but were again led by Brent Woodhouse, who finished with a team-high 12 pts, 6 reb, 2 ast, 3 stl. Pinoy Thunder’s Chris Northfleet led the way with a game-high 15 pts, 8 reb, 2 blk. JV

Game 3
Hoop Dreams 59 (0-2) L2
Wildcats 64 (1-1) W1

Wildcats were able to overcome their tardiness (which resulted in 6 points for their opponents to begin the game) and used a strong second half to hand Hoop Dreams their second straight loss. Wildcats used a 21-12 game-ending run to secure the win. Cory Cooper (game-high 24 pts, 3 threes, 4 reb, 3 stl) and DJ (15 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 2 blk) stepped up to lead the Wildcats. On the other end, Jojo Arca played well, leading Hoop Dreams with a team-high 17 pts (2 threes), while Patrik Mejia chipped in 12 points. JV

Game 4
Rebels 55 (0-2) L2
Monlu Forwarders 60 (1-1) W1

In a well-played game by both squads, Monlu was able to bounce back from their Week 1 loss, and handed Rebels their second consecutive defeat. Jose Malpaya scored 11 of his 13 points in the first half as Monlu used a strong early start to grab the win. Kevin Alig had another strong game, leading Monlu with a team-high 23 pts (6 threes), 8 reb, 1 stl. For Rebels, Earle Smaltz powered his way to a game-high 24 pts, 4 reb, 1 ast, while Joe Marlowe added 11 pts, 7 reb, 4 ast, 5 stl. JV

Game 5
Soldiers 57 (1-1) L1
Spartans 64 (2-0) W2

Soldiers weren’t able to shake off a slow start, and Spartans took advantage en route to their second consecutive win. Soldiers scored just eight points during the game’s first ten minutes and, despite picking things up the rest of the way, couldn’t get over the hump. Soldiers were led by James Frazier, who finished with a game-high 24 pts (5 threes), 5 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl. Spartans saw great production from AABL newcomer (and former UVa Cavalier) Jason Clark. Clark finished with an impressive 15 pts, 21 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 3 blk, while Kyle Hermoso returned to the AABL with 17 pts, including 3 threes. JV