Week 3 saw some big-time performances from a couple of players that are vital to their teams’ success.  Pinoy Thunder earned their first victory of the season with a dominating big-man performance from center Chris Northfleet and Soldiers continue to look like a team to be reckoned with this season as James Frazier showed off his versatility.

With Chris Northfleet holding down the paint for an aggressive Pinoy Thunder, other teams have to work hard just to see the rim. For the second game this season, Northfleet flirted with a ‘big man’s triple double’.  In a loss for the first game of the season, Northfleet scored 14 pts with 10 reb, 9 blk.  For their first win of the season for his new team, Northfleet was a beast in the paint, protecting the rim while hitting up Wildcats for 17 pts (1 three), 18 reb, 9 blk. 

James Frazier is a big key to the early success of a Soldiers squad that looks like it might cause some problems for the top teams in the league.  Frazier gave his team a smooth, all-around performance in their second win of the season over a solid Monlu Forwarders team.  The forward is steadily becoming a player that every team must prepare for as he is showing that he is capable of producing from all spots on the floor.  Against Monlu, Frazier stuffed the stat box with 24 pts (2/2 FTs, 4 threes), 13 reb, 4 ast, 5 stl, 1 blk.

There is no doubt that these two players are important pieces for their respective squads, but it is up to the rest of the players on the teams to step up in order for these teams to be serious contenders for the AABL Cup.  FD