2013-14 Regular Season Standings

2013-14 Regular Season Standings and Playoff Seeding

THE FOLLOWING STANDINGS REPRESENT THE SEEDINGS for the 2013-14 AABL PLAYOFFS. Although teams may have IDENTICAL RECORDS one team is ranked higher than the other by virtue of the RESULT OF THE HEAD-TO-HEAD MATCHUP which is the first set of Tie Breaking Procedures for Playoff Seeding. The Final Standings are a true indicator of Playoff Seeding because each team played one another this season and there was no need for Division Play.

The AABL CUP CHAMPION will be decided by an 8 Team Single Elimination Tournament Format. The First Round of the Playoffs will be played on February 9th. The Final Four and AABL CUP Championship Game will be played on February 16th.
WEEK 6TeamOverallWin %Streak
1Quiet Storm8-1.889W3
4Pinoy Thunder6-3.667W4
8Monlu Forwarders2-7.222W1
9Hoop Dreams2-7.222L4
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